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How Not to Bomb at a Reading (from Gotham Writers Workshop)

April 27, 2012 1 comment

A couple of years ago I took a class from Gotham. Since them, they’ve been sending monthly emails, which can be very interesting. This article, on their site, I found to be compelling (not that I do readings). I pressed “Share This” and it keeps saying it worked, but nothing seems to happen.

Douglas Bright’s main points are

  • Set goals for the reading.
  • Gauge the audience.
  • Fulfill your contract.

but how he lays it out, and his experiences, are worth the read.

See the whole thing here.

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Unfounded Relief; Interminable Task

August 26, 2011 13 comments


For 18 sweet hours, I thought I’d completed the second part of my huge, possibly never-ending project. I was wrong.


The Red Writing Hood prompt from Write on Edge was to write a story in 140 characters.

Red Writing Hood

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Fiction/Memoir: I’ve Semi-Joined “Write on the Edge”

August 25, 2011 1 comment

My sister has had a blog for a long while now. She used to only blog about things she thought about or that happened to her/people she knew, but some time ago, she started to include fiction/memoir writing by following prompts on Red Writing Hood, now named Write on the Edge.

I have thought about joining her for a while, and now that they have posted their easiest prompt EVER, I will do so.

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Is that the way you look?

The Eloquent Woman: Panelists: Is that the way you look?.


This is from the media trainer we use at work, and it makes a good point. People don’t start watching the speaker when he or she takes the podium, but when he or she enters the room.

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