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Glee Prom

Sam, Santana, and Britney Rock Out

[some spoilers below]

I belong to what I call the Astoria Glee Club. As you might have guessed from the title of the post, we are not a club that sings, but one that watches the show Glee.  It stated out as just having dinner on Tuesdays, but the first time someone suggested that we eat dinner in from of a huge flat screen TV while watching Glee, our primary motivation has changed.

Lately, I have been finding Glee less engaging than last year. For the most part, though, I really enjoyed last night’s episode. The reason is that it actually had to do with high school. Glee takes place in a high school, but these past months have had no one acting like they were actually in high school. At any rate, although I did enjoy it, I did have a few problems with the episode.

  1. How come there was only one chaperone at the prom.
  2. Where has the undercurrent of gay bashing been that would have led to tonight’s big scene? Since the guy who had been the leader has since reformed, there hasn’t been any thing at all. How was the [xxxxx] organized with NO ONE from the Glee Club finding out about it ahead of time?
  3. Why was the orchestra there if only the Glee Club was getting paid?
  4. Why was the AV club painting the set for the Prom?
  5. Why was [that guy you didn’t expect to come back] back? It wasn’t really explained?
  6. Who thinks they can hire Air Supply for $400?
  7. Most striking of all, why did Mr. Schuster arrange to have one of the kids who was running for Prom Queen scheduled to sing the song that the Prom Queen and King dance to?
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The Global Corporate Challenge

Global Corporate Challenge Logo

The challenge starts in ten days. Today, we received our back packs today. As team captain, I have no official responsibilities, but since they went ahead and said I was the captain, I am at least keeping our profile undated.

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It Might Be from 2002, But I Just Found It

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Is that the way you look?

The Eloquent Woman: Panelists: Is that the way you look?.


This is from the media trainer we use at work, and it makes a good point. People don’t start watching the speaker when he or she takes the podium, but when he or she enters the room.

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Language Lunes: Greek

February 28, 2011 1 comment

I love diner food. Specifically, I like eggs and turkey bacon and toast and someone else cleaning up the mess.  Now I’m not saying that I go to my local diner with any regularity, but the folks at my diner decided to teach me Greek (I live in Astoria, which is a pretty Greek area).  So far, I can say, “The food is very good, thank you for asking.”

Well, not quite.  Actually I can say the following things, sometimes even linked together:

  • hi/bye
  • How are you?
  • good
  • I am tired
  • thank you
  • you’re welcome
  • good night
  • one
  • two
  • three
  • very
  • little
  • I am learning Greek
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I Like Poker. Blackjack? Not So Much.

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

It is statistically impossible* to do as consistently poorly at blackjack as I do and yet it still happens. I have NEVER come out ahead. Now I just treat it like it’s a bacon cheeseburger and stay away.


*and by impossible I mean, of course, highly improbable

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