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Language Lunes: Japanese

My friend Sachiko says that I have a very good accent in Japanese. Sadly, I only know about six words (not counting gung-ho or kara-te) and all of those are verbal; I can’t read Japanese at all. When her Japanese friends write on her Facebook page, I have no idea what they’re saying. Or rather, I had no idea what they are saying.

Lately, however, I’ve been using Google Translate to find out what people are saying. Sometimes, it isn’t very helpful. With short words and phrases, though, it’s great. And, in order to wow any Japanese friends I might have in the future, I have started to compile a list of words that you, too, might want to use to amaze and wow your own Japanese friends. Here they are:

  • Awesome   すごい~
  • Amazing  すごい
  • Crikey  わあ
  • Good job  いい仕事
  • I’ll surprise you  びっくりしますよね
  • Sorry  すみません
  • Zowie, interesting!  きゃー面白い!

And, last but not least, the Japanese way to express 🙂 is (^-^).

Of course, you might find this word list more helpful:

And with that, I will say さようなら or, as they say in the good old U S of A, sayonara!

Short Vocabulary List


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